Light section sensor can store up to 32 detection profiles

16 February 2018

Pepperl+Fuchs has recently added a new model to its SmartRunner range of light section sensors – camera based plug&play devices that can be easily commission without the need for specialist knowledge.

The object to be detected can be quickly recorded at the touch of a button using the teach-in functionality. The sensors then send a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ signal to their switching outputs and the signal can be processed by any control panel. The solution is suited to use for detection tasks where objects or process situations are charactersed by height profiles and edge curves.

The new model specialises in detection tasks using profile comparisons. This process includes detecting the presence, completeness and position of objects. A feature of the new Matcher is its ability to internally store up to 32 learned profiles.

Switching between profiles and all of the corresponding settings is simplifed thanks to a remote command offered by the integrated RS-485 interface – a feature that is said to be particularly useful when plant needs to be frequently changed to cater for different products.

Another interesting of the unit is its ability to detect a shift between the taught-in and current position of the object. This output offers useful information regarding quality assurance and process safety, and allows defects to be corrected before actual failures arise.

Using the SmartRunner technology, the Matcher can also be parametersed using Data Matrix control codes without the need for a PC.

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