Ensuring concentricity of precision gears

02 February 2018

In order to meet the exceptionally tight tolerances required of spindles and shafts inside its miniature power transmission systems and motor gearboxes, Rotalink needed to find an accurate and repeatable measurement solution.

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Metrology company, Bowers Group suggested that a roundness measurement instrument would provide the most appropriate solution to measure the concentricity of its moulded gears. After a full demonstration Rotalink took ownership of an Accretech Rondcom 41C, a roundness measuring instrument designed to enable the fast, easy and accurate implementation of form measuring tasks; including concentricity.

The machine is also said to feature good straightness accuracy, which was particularly important for Rotalink as the accurate measurement of squareness to a plane is critical for its precision gears.

The measuring machine has enabled Rotalink to improve the accuracy of its manufactured components and has enabled it to ensure the accuracy of each design – not only improving manufactured components, but also improving drawings and design capabilities. Software reports generated by the measuring machine have also proved useful for internal reports and can be used as evidence for ISO inspection reports.

Commenting on the solution, Jeremy White, quality engineer at Rotalink said: “There are now endless possibilities when it comes to ensuring the accuracy of each design and component. As far as concentricity is concerned, the Accretech Rondcom 41C is accurate, and comfortably nudges ahead of rival machines. We chose it for several reasons. One was the cost comparison to other models and its capabilities compared to others. Another advantage was that it could be fully integrated into our computer network,” concluded White.

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