Watching Water with Micronics

03 April 2008

Scottish Water is investigating infrastructure capacity on 111 treatment works sites with instruments from Micronics. Using PDFM IV portable instruments, the water company hopes to monitor wastewater flow rates and establish load profiles.

The objective is to establish the demand profile and the effectiveness of existing plant to determine development requirements. The Micronics instruments enable the engineers to establish the diurnal sewage patterns and analyse the performance of existing plant.

Suitable for full or partially filled pipes, the portable PDFM IV instruments can measure and log influent and/or effluent flow and totalised flow rates within treatment works.

The survey project is currently 50 per cent complete and Scottish Water said they found the instruments easy to install and simple to use. The software has graphing facilities to identify peak demand and duration peaks using a range of sample rates, selected by the water company, to establish flow and load profiles over 28 day logging periods.

Scottish Water claimed the products had performed well so far and said it was very pleased with the contribution they had made to the survey project.

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