First ‘programmable device server’ for automation

31 March 2008

The IntelliBox®-I/O 2100 is used to connect remote industrial equipment to Ethernet so that it can be automatically monitored. When triggered by an event, the IntelliBox actions a pre-determined set of responses which can include rebooting, reconfiguring attached equipment, turning a machine switch on or off, triggering a relay or alarm, or providing automated reports.

IntelliBox simplifies the process by detecting a problem or a changed condition and resolving it.

Since the incoming data can be sent via email or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, hundreds of devices can be simultaneously monitored from one single RSS-enabled web page. Incoming data can be scanned for specific information.

IntelliBox automatically recognises the type of event and applies the appropriate response, such as flagging an alerting email as ‘important’ and/or directly interacting with the attached machine or other applications. This greater agility in responding to machine events eliminates the need for users to sift through hundreds of emails.

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