Remote reading capability added to panel meter

21 January 2018

BEKA associates has added an optional Modbus RTU interface to its universal multicolour display panel meters.

The isolated two wire RS485 interface enables the panel meter's display and status to be read remotely. It can also be configured via the interface.

Each meter has a colour selectable, five-digit and 31 segment bargraph display visible in all lighting conditions. The display colour can be linked to the meter's alarm status, providing operators with a very obvious warning. For example, a green display could change to red when a high alarm occurs and to blue in the low alarm condition. Display colours and brightness can be adjusted on-site to match other instrumentation in the panel or operator's preference.

The meters, which have an IP66 front panel, accept process current, voltage and resistance thermometer inputs and versions are available for operation from a low voltage dc or a mains power supply. For applications in hostile and marine environments, the rugged A90-SS has a 316 stainless steel enclosure and an impact resistant toughened glass window. For installation in an open panel, the BA495 sealing kit provides IP66 rear of panel protection for A90 and A90-SS meters, including cable gland entry facilities.

Configuration is performed via the front panel buttons using the common simple intuitive menu, or via the optional Modbus interface. Meters may be calibrated to show the input signal in engineering units without the need for an external voltage or current source, or for the meter input to be disconnected from the field wiring.

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