A ‘Supreme Report'

31 March 2008

The release of a new revision of P-CIM SCADA software, version 7.70, includes a new reporting system, called the ‘P-CIM Supreme Report.’ Afcon engineers say it is an ‘innovative, revolutionary process control system analysis and reporting tool aimed at improving decision making process at all levels of the enterprise.’


It’s unlike most other reporting tools, they say, in that it combines open connectivity to multiple sources such as real time and alarms data, historical data, relational databases, and file data with ‘excellent performance, delivering easy-to-use and secure reports.’

The user interface integrates a library of statistical and analytical objects allowing users to access information such as minimum, maximum, average, weighted average, sum, integral, counts, duration, and percentage, and display it in text fields, pies, bars, charts, and tables.

Reports can be generated automatically or manually and distributed to web portal, e-mails, file servers, and printers in secure PDF format.

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