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Intelligent digital frame grabbers with FPGA image processing

16 January 2018

The microEnable5 family of frame grabbers from Silicon Software offers machine vision users scalable, intelligent high performance data transfer and processing capabilities. Camera Link, Camera Link HS and CoaXPress versions are available as classical image acquisition or programmable frame grabbers with multi-camera support. This simplifies image acquisition and data processing infrastructure and reduces costs.

The microEnable 5 Ironman series is characterised by data transfer to the host PC via PCI Express x8 (2nd Generation). Use of DMA3600 technology from Silicon Software allows data transfers of 3.6 GB/s to be achieved as a constant value. The microEnable5 Marathon series transfers image data to the host PC via PCI Express x4 (2nd generation). By using DMA1800 technology, sustained data transfers of 1.8 GB/s can be achieved.

Both families of frame grabbers are available in image acquisition and programmable versions. Both feature an on-board vision FPGA for fast, optimised pre-processing or pre-analysis of image data to reduce the load on the host CPU. The image acquisition versions are pre-programmed with user-selectable image processing functionality, while the programmable versions provide users with the freedom to create their own image processing routines, using Silicon Software’s powerful Visual Applets software.

The VisualApplets development environment allows hardware, software and application engineers to use FPGA processors for their image processing needs. It simplifies the development of image processing routines as no knowledge is required of circuitry, synchronisation, timings or FPGA programming. This saves valuable development time for the given application. In addition, STEMMER IMAGING is a certified Visual Applets partner and offers the creation of individual Visual Applets designs to allow users to free up resources and focus on their core business.

The microEnable5 frame grabbers provide a rich range of additional functionality, including:
• Up to 2GB on-board memory
• Supports long cable lengths
• Built-in power supply for cameras
• Low latency for precise triggering capability and feedback channels to camera
• Configurable trigger system supporting several trigger modes
• GPIO: 8in/8out (max.), TTL or opto-coupled
• Supports STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox imaging toolkit

The CoaXPress frame grabbers provide support for up to 4 cameras, while the Camera Link and Camera Link HS versions can accommodate two cameras. Capturing data from multiple cameras on a single board reduces the number of frame grabbers needed, thus saving costs on the technical infrastructure required for multi-camera applications.


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