Hydro joins forces with Arc

27 March 2008

Hydro International has drafted in the services of Arc Energy Resources to design, manufacture and produce a combined sewer overflow unit (CSO). Arc, Eastington, UK, based fabrication and weld overlay cladding specialist, contributed to the Hydro-Jet Screen that is designed to ensure that solid matter does not reach sewers.

Arc Energy
Arc Energy

It is a combined sewer overflow screen that requires no power, has no moving parts and is self-cleansing. The product will not let solid matter greater than 6mm in two dimensions, in sewers throughout the UK and Europe, reach rivers and watercourses during storm conditions.

Ten of the units have so far been pre-fabricated by Arc. They have capacities from 15 to 400 litres per second and lengths up to nine metres. Each unit is manufactured as a complete package in 304 stainless steel to a bespoke design to suit the pipework and ground levels of specific sewer installations.

Commenting on a specific installation Keith Hutchings, project manager for Hydro, said: ‘The Hydro-Jet Screen is designed to be low maintenance with a long service life. But for this installation the water company placing the order wanted to ensure that the unit and the householder would be disturbed as little as possible.’

Hydro provided a set of drawings for the design but, using their experience in fabrication techniques, Arc suggested a number of modifications to aid the manufacturing process.

‘We suggested corrugated exterior panels to replace the proposed ties and braces in order to ease the process of manufacture and facilitate cost reductions,’ said project manager, Neil Cook.

Hutchings added: ‘We have an excellent working relationship with the people at Arc Energy and regard them as key partners in our supply chain.

‘Their best practice approach to fabrication often saves us time and money. To speed up communications we have also provided them with a direct computer link to our network.’

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