Polymer bolsters food grade flowmeter

19 March 2008

Digmesa has targeted demanding food processing applications with the launch of its most recent EPI flowmeter. The Swiss based manufacturer turned to Victrex for a polymer to use in its flowmeter that was food safety compliant and had high dimensional stability, as well as good mechanical properties at high temperature ranges.


The EPI flowmeter measures the fluid volume of highly viscous media such as syrup, oil or concentrated detergents. Digmesa claims it is precise and enables exact volume dosages over a wide temperature range with low-pressure loss.

Victrex Peek from the Thornton Cleveleys, UK, headquartered manufacturer is implemented into the hollow bodies and covers of the vanes and in the casing of the flowmeter. Victrex Peek 150GL30, with 30 per cent flow glass reinforced grades, is used for the casing. Unfilled high viscosity Victrex Peek 450G is used for the epicycloidal vanes within the flowmeter and in its hollow bodies.

Digmesa said it had reduced the expense and weight of the device by replacing metal and fluoropolymers, such as ECTFE, PFA and PVDF.

It is incredibly important that products used in the food and beverage industries ensure a germ-free environment. All unfilled Victrex Peek polymer grades meet the European Union Guideline (90/128 EEC), which relates to plastic materials and articles that are intended for contact with food.

Furthermore, equipment used in food processing must be regularly cleaned and sterilised. Victrex says this particular polymer offers hydrolysis resistance to aggressive media and hot-steam sterilisation. When stored for 2000 hours, at 200° and a pressure of 1.4 MPa, no significant changes were recorded to the high values of the mechanical properties of the unreinforced Victrex Peek.

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