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RockStar® ModuPlug: More freedom – Less effort

08 January 2018

RockStar® ModuPlug is setting new standards combining power, signals and data in one connector and is the platform for future, innovative modular connectivity solutions.

Industrial applications are becoming increasingly complex. The demands being made of the connectivity used are growing at the same time. Functionality in the smallest of installation spaces, safe installation and a fast retrofitting process are just some of the product properties being called for.

RockStar® ModuPlug addresses these demands by enabling the flexible combination of all the necessary functions for power, signal and data transmission in a single application-specific interface. New and more compact inserts allow for a significantly increased functional density compared to previous solutions.

Half the pitch size, twice the module slots

Up until now, there were two standard module widths for heavy-duty connectors: ‘Single 1.0’ and ‘Double 2.0’. Weidmuller have broken away from this standard, and are creating new dimensions with the intermediate sizes of ‘Half 0.5’ and ‘Single Plus 1.5’. Four different module widths make for unprecedented levels of flexibility and allow for the construction of particularly space-saving connector solutions.

The modules reduce the amount of space required and cut costs when compared with fixed-pole inserts and other modular plug-in connector systems. The sophisticated frames and modules can be installed with extreme ease and integrated into HDC enclosures with the IP65 and IP68 protection classes. You can even use the RockStar® ModuPlug to supplement existing applications without any need to make system adjustments.

More power – Less weight

Users of the RockStar® ModuPlug have the option of either using more functional modules within the same installation space or having the same functions as before but with a smaller frame and housing. In addition to space savings, the latter option also helps to achieve weight savings, making it particularly suitable for applications in the fields of railway engineering and wind energy.    

More signals – Less space - transfer more signals with the same enclosure dimensions:

Thanks to a higher contact density – 36 signal contacts at a rated voltage of 250 V, the double module HD36 achieves 50 percent more contacts in the same space as the market standard.  

More data – Less limits - A new level of data transfer

Two Cat.6A cables each with 10 Gbits can now be integrated in a single module. The use of standard M12 connector technology achieves optimal EMC values and the 360° shield connection offers maximum protection against external interference.  

More options – Less costs - save installation space, weight and costs:

you can choose between four different module widths. The halved pitch size allows twice the number of module slots in the frame, plus the reduced pitch separation allows more functionality in the same space.

More convenience – Less risk

The innovative design of RockStar® ModuPlug offers assembly and disassembly without tools. A fixed locking position provides stability for faster and easier assembly. Incorrect connection is avoided through a unique coding system. In addition, there’s less wiring work required thanks to the ability to connect two PE cables of up to 10 mm².  

RockStar® ModuPlug in use:

Machinery: High performance in the smallest of spaces with RockStar® ModuPlug The challenges in machine construction are numerous: flexible machine units need to be networked. In robotics, space is limited to a bare minimum. On production lines, processing of very high data volumes must be ensured. With RockStar® ModuPlug, you can transmit more signals in less space saving on connector costs.

Transportation: Reliable jumper cables with RockStar® ModuPlug are a durable solution for secure data and signal transmission within trains. In transport engineering, increasing amounts of data and signals need to be transferred reliably. Special air-conditioned containers place exacting demands on power transmission. More functionality in the same area enables space and weight saving. Weidmuller’s slim 100 A modules ensure high power transmission with a low space requirement.

Energy - Efficient and secure with RockStar® ModuPlug: Wind turbines must be operated efficiently, reliably and with low maintenance. Measurement data should be transferred using as little space as possible. The high-speed data module can accommodate megabit and gigabit data inserts. It offers transfer rates of up to 10 Gbits in the smallest of installation spaces.

For further information visit the Weidmuller website at www.weidmuller.co.uk or call on 0845 094 2006.

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