Water-cooled megawatt-class motor offers space savings

18 December 2017

ABB’s new water-cooled M3LP 500 motor offers a solution in space constrained applications, not just in the marine environment.

Conventional air-cooled motors in the megawatt-class are big and require lots of space and ventilation for cooling them.

Water-cooled motors offer high power density, or, power-to-weight ratio. Because water is a more effective cooling medium than air, the motor’s operating temperature can be kept relatively low. More power can therefore be extracted from the material. So, a smaller water-cooled motor will be able to provide as much – or more – output power as a larger conventional air-cooled motor. This allows users to free up more space, or step up in power output without losing any more space.

Water-cooled motors do not need any no external ventilation. Besides reducing capital expenditure for dedicated ventilation systems, this adds to the system’s total compactness. And with no ventilation in place, a water-cooled motor can be tightly sealed, preventing pollutants from entering its interior.

Purpose built for use in harsh operating conditions, the M3LP 500 is equipped with a corrosion protected steel frame as opposed to traditional cast iron. There are no external cooling ribs, which tend to collect dirt on air-cooled motors, keeping the water-cooled M3LP 500 reasonably clean even in the dirtiest locations.

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