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01 February 2008

The British Manufacturing Industry can save £853m a year with improved energy management, according to PPE, supplier of power efficiency systems.

British industry is loosing millions of pounds in wasted energy every day
British industry is loosing millions of pounds in wasted energy every day

The Middlesbrough based company, which specialises in the application of a technical consultancy called Power Factor management, also claims greenhouse emissions can be cut by 1%.

Power Factor is the amount of energy taken in by a business compared to the amount that it should require to run its equipment.

For example, a business with a ratio of 0.9 draws power to the value of one but should only need 0.9 to power its equipment. The difference, 10% in this case, occurs due to poor power utilisation in plant process and systems. PPE claims Power Factor management can diminish that loss, on average, by half.

Shaun Nugent, chief executive officer of PPE, said he was surprised by the statistics.

‘We know the impact that improved power systems have for our individual clients. Government and the public sector in particular have been making use of our services for a long time,’ he said.

‘But even we didn’t expect to see losses on this scale to the British industry – as well as such a massive contribution to the UK’s carbon footprint.’

Andy Dillon, director of Power Management at PPE, maintained that the differential occurred because of the way businesses treat their electricity supply internally.

‘Generally the older the company, the less effective is the power management,’ he said. ‘Many businesses have been putting up with limited supplies and ‘brown-outs’ – or even power cuts – for many years as a result of the loss of capacity in the supply from poor efficiency.

‘But recent legislation means that electricity companies now charge a penalty for an inefficient Power Factor, so businesses have the incentive to benefit both from increased available capacity, the removal of penalty charges and decreased energy bills.”

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