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Boa Spot colour vision sensor enhances automated inspection

27 November 2017

The new colour versions of the BOA Spot smart vision sensor from Teledyne DALSA provide even greater versatility for single point industrial part and assembly verification. Colour training, matching and verification capabilities have been added to the existing embedded inspection tools. With easy factory integration and a highly competitive price point, Boa Spot Colour allows automated vision inspection to be added at almost any point in the production line. 

Boa Spot Colour models are available with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution CMOS sensor. They are supplied with a choice of 6, 8, 12 or 16 mm M12 lenses with an integrated white LED ring light, or with a C mount lens adapter to allow a choice of lens and external lighting. All models feature embedded vision inspection tools.

The use of colour imaging can offer key benefits for the inspection process. Colour inspection is crucial where:

•The colour of the object facilitates detection of the object
•Objects of identical size and shape can only be differentiated by colour
•The colour quality and consistency of the object is an important factor in the overall quality of the product 
•The colour of the object can help determine the relative quality of the product

The Boa Spot family of vision systems combine the power and flexibility of a BOA vision system with integrated optics, light and easy-to-use setup software and a low cost of ownership. This allows the distribution of vision processing across the production line. More points of inspection lead to better failure analysis and faster, easier corrective actions. These, in turn, improve quality, reduce scrap, and increase throughput. 

The low starting price point is below the capital expense threshold for many companies, while the integrated light and lens configuration saves additional costs. The easy-to–use application interface means that little training investment is required and the built-in standard factory communication protocols bring low-cost factory integration. 

Boa Spot vision sensors are supplied with a set of robust embedded vision tools for part locating, counting and measuring and feature or defect detection. The Boa Spot Colour SL model offers a basic set of inspection tools, while the Boa Spot Colour EL model offers additional tools and advanced capabilities for more complex tasks. 

Any of these vision tools can be combined and used multiple times to solve simple or complex inspection tasks, meaning that the vision sensor can be adapted for a wide range of industrial applications. Both models allow up to 32 of these measurement sequences to be stored, so that they can accommodate different product types on the same line.
Factory integration is made particularly simple: 

• Through- and surface-mounting options and a slim form factor (61mm x 58mm x 57mm) allow BOA Spot to fit into tight spaces.
• Robust build quality with IP67 rating allows use in harsh industrial/wash down conditions
• Standard factory communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and PROFINET are directly supported
• Inspected images can be transferred to a networked drive via FTP 

In addition, remote setup, display and monitoring can be set up using the software user interface, which is quick to learn and suitable for novice and expert users alike. 


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