Michell ‘delighted’ after ATEX and FM certification

01 February 2008

Michell Instruments said it was ‘delighted’ after receiving accreditation from FM Approvals for the intrinsically safe version of its Easidew Transmitter. In addition to its ATEX certification this allows the Easidew TX I.S. to be used in hazardous area applications within the USA.

Easidew TX I.S.
Easidew TX I.S.

The transmitter is certified for use in hazardous areas to IS/I/1/ABCD/T4 when used with a galvanic isolator for signal power supply connections. The certification lists five different galvanic isolators. This allows the customer to choose the most suitable isolator to provide the correct hazardous / safe area interconnection.

Connection in a 2-Wire loop powered, or 3-Wire configuration is possible and the transmitter also features an HDPE filter. This is designed to show contamination for service ease which is <10um porosity and impermeable to liquids.

The company’s Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor is coupled with advanced microprocessor based measurement circuitry to produce a fully calibrated and interchangeable sensor transmitter. All calibration data is stored within the transmitter’s memory and Michell claims calibration exchange or service can be effected in seconds, even by untrained personnel. The Easidew TX I.S. is disconnected, removed from its sampling block and replaced by a new, fully calibrated unit.

The transmitter is suitable for measurement of dew point or trace moisture.

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