Optigauge single and multi-layer film measurement system

01 February 2008

OptiGauge, a powerful system which provides continuous or static measurement of single and multi-layer materials such as films, laminates, foils, tubes and contact lenses, is now available in the UK from positioning and measurement solutions specialist, IBS Precision Engineering.


Suitable for materials from 12 microns to 12 mm thick, the OptiGauge system measures multi-layer, flat or round stock with an accuracy of + 0.1 microns, making it ideal for a wide range of food processing, coatings, medical, pharmaceutical and eye-care product applications.

Utilising advanced optical interferometry principles, OptiGauge comprises four elements: a probe, control module, PC and application software. The system utilises self-calibrating electronics and records up to 150 measurements per second (with 3 mm thick material), which are averaged for noise reduction and maximum accuracy.

In operation, the system’s probe directs eye-safe, 1310 nm wavelength monochromatic light through the target’s transparent, translucent or coloured layers. Reflected light from each internal surface is directed via the control module to the PC, where custom-developed software provides instant analysis and output using an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

OptiGauge supports up to eight multiplexed probes, which can be positioned many hundreds of metres from the control unit, thanks to the use of high efficiency fibre optic cabling.

The system is compatible with most common logic control systems and languages, supervisory control systems, Ethernet protocols and data logging schemes. It also offers customisable operating software packages for almost every inspection application – from extruded or flat stock and injection-moulded parts with a variety of profiles and typographies to liquid, plastic, glass and air gap measurement.

Developed in the US by Lumetrics in conjunction with Eastman Kodak, a global leader in thin film technology, OptiGauge is equally suitable for QA/QC analysis, as well as continuous process, production line measurement applications – providing simple ‘plug & play’ non-contact, non-destructive measurement wherever the probe is positioned.

This versatile system not only delivers repeatable and reliable sample analysis for technicians and inspectors, but also offers an ideal archiving platform for mandatory health, safety and production history data collection and recording.

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