Flender Gear Units Power Hoists for Finland

01 February 2008

Several large Flender FZG and Motox units have been specified for two steel industry hoist applications in Finland.

Steel industry hoist application
Steel industry hoist application

Each 10-metre tall hoist contains a large FZG helical unit (size H4 HH15) with a 55kW 6-pole motor, plus a total of 13 Motox helical bevel geared motors in varying sizes (from KA88 to KA148), all fitted with eff1 motors.

The hoists were designed by Flender drive system specialist Jacksons Power Transmission of Stoke-on-Trent. A tremendous lift weight was required of the system – 75,000Nm delivered torque, with a gearbox ratio of 250:1 for the main gear unit. The hoists will be used in conjunction with other equipment for the secondary treatment of ladles of specialised molten steel into customer required specifications. The whole plant is designed to operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures of between -20 and +50°C.

The project was shipped to Finland during December 2007 via Jackson Power customer SMS Mevac UK, a specialist in secondary metallurgy. It comprises two identical crane hoists, the second of which is now being assembled. Pete Jackson of Jacksons Power commented: 'Flender were able to offer special double input geared units to meet the design criteria within the very tight delivery period that we and our customer required.'

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