SCADA brings new levels of sophistication to paint spraying machines

30 October 2017

Users of paint spraying machines are benefiting from easier set-up, reduced downtime, and an assurance of future proofing since the addition of Progea’s Movicon SCADA.

CELFA is a manufacturer of computerised paint spraying machines. For the third generation of its ROC line of varnishing machines, the company developed a new control architecture, built around two platforms – one for managing the various axes and I/O, and the other to provide the operator interface, including set-up, parameterisation, supervision, diagnostics, production management, and data analysis.

For the first part of the control system, CELFA developed a purpose-designed kernel, running on an embedded PC. For the operator interface, the control system is linked via Modbus to operator PC panels running Progea Movicon SCADA software which provides an all-in-one development environment for managing HMI, SCADA, soft-logic and statistical production data analysis applications. Designed to reduce development times to the minimum and provide users with powerful, open, flexible and easy to maintain solutions.

Deployed on the ROC varnishing machine, the ease-of-use of the software allows for quick and intuitive work parameter set-up using dialogue windows. This enables operators to set up the machine in the intuitively, with the additional support of customised pop-up guide windows.

Operations are initiated and controlled via touch panels. During operation, illuminated graphics display the status of motors and valves, including highlighting alarm conditions. Animated graphics show when spraying is taking place, and display the movement of parts through the machine. This gives operators a clear picture of real-time product information through the different production phases.

The SCADA system also promotes ease of maintenance, with diagnostics features combined with alarm and message management. Pop-up comments, associated with each alarm, provide useful information for the operator or for maintenance personnel, while dedicated pages show important data on alarm occurrences, acknowledgements and resets. As a result, downtime is minimised. All significant alarms and events are also recorded to a database, allowing historical analysis to be performed.

Integrated production environment
Standardising on Movicon provided CELFA with an all-in-one management platform for developing intuitive control systems, which in turn helps make its machines easy to operate and reliable. 

With its PC architecture, the machine is supplied pre-set and ready to be integrated into local networks and as part of an existing production environment, simplifying commissioning and minimising production downtime. The same strategy also means that the end user can integrate the machine into any future production lines, so safeguarding their investment. 

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