Variable speed drive gains wireless HMI module

30 October 2017

Designed for more convenient set up, monitoring and commissioning, the Danfoss VLT® FC102-series variable speed drives are now available with a new wireless HMI module.

When used in conjunction with the MyDrive®Connect app, this new module allows tablets or smart devices to provide the same functionality as the Danfoss Graphical Local Control Panel.

This wireless connectivity is said to be a particular benefit in applications where the drive is difficult to access, for example, on cranes, hoists and lifts. Using the wireless HMI module and the app is also more convenient, meaning that engineers and technicians do not need to carry a dedicated local control panel to monitor and configure the drives.

The wireless HMI module uses standard Wi-Fi technology and security features. MyDrive® Connect, which is used to access the module, will be free to download and available for iOS and Android devices.

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