3D distance detection with wide angle of view

15 October 2017

Panasonic Industry Europe has developed a 3D LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensing solution that measures distance between equipment and an object from the round-trip travelling time of the pulse laser that is projected to the object.

It is able to accurately measure the direction of and distance to objects with a wide angle of view, which is important in applications such the autonomous operation of mobile robots. Employing Panasonic’s propriety laser-scanning technology, the 3D LiDAR can scan the laser as wide as up to 60° vertically and 270° horizontally to achieve stable operation of autonomous robots. 

The wide scanning angle helps detect objects on the ground as well as the roughness of the surface. 

The scanning angle and resolution can be altered by adjusting the rotation angle and speed of the mirrors in the system. This gives users accuracy and flexibility to choose the most appropriate conditions for the measurement depending on their use, helping to create autonomous robots that are able to navigate inside or outside facilities with moving objects around, including people. 

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