A retrofit intelligent valve solution for system life-cycle management

29 September 2017

GEMÜ is expanding its CONEXO range to include a retrofit solution for existing systems, as well as a cloud connection.

The CONEXO system currently consists of valves equipped with RFID chips and a corresponding IT infrastructure. Thanks to serialisation, all valve components including the body, actuator or diaphragm, can be traced and read at any time using the RFID reader. 

The CONEXO app, which can be installed on mobile devices, facilitates the ‘installation qualification’ process and also makes the maintenance process more transparent and easier to document. It guides the maintenance technician through the maintenance schedule and provides information assigned to the valve – such as test reports, testing documentation and maintenance histories. The CONEXO portal acts as a central element, helping to collect, manage and process data. 

The range is being expanded to include a retrofit solution. With CONEXO Retrofit, it is possible to retrofit GEMÜ valves in existing systems and to retrofit products from third-party providers and to integrate these into the intended software environment. 

The product range is also supplemented by a cloud solution. This does not require local installation of the CONEXO portal. This type of connection facilitates network-independent access to data stored in the cloud from anywhere in the world.

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