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Pre-engineered solutions minimise hassle of implementing Safety Instrumented Systems

18 September 2017

Emerson’s DeltaV SIS pre-engineered solutions minimise the hassle of building a Safety Instrumented System. By using a different approach, pre-engineered DeltaV SIS provides an easy to deploy option that requires no programming, offers flexible I/O and is delivered ready to install.

Safety Instrumented Systems have been built in the same way for many years, requiring the supplier to know the customer’s I/O schedule before submitting cabinet designs for approval. Different types of I/O card and conditioning device have to be cross-wired to conventional marshalling terminals for each signal type. But the I/O cannot be finalised until Hazard Analysis is complete and the required Safety Instrumented Functions have been designed to meet the target SIL. Time pressure often forces the need to accept I/O changes during the project and this leads to re-design and re-work. The software and hardware is eventually tested by the customer at the supplier’s factory and the whole process requires several interactions between customer and supplier. This consumes both valuable time and resources.

With increasing demands to complete automation projects on time and budget, it’s time for a different approach and Emerson’s pre-engineered Safety Instrumented System offers an easy to deploy alternative that can help achieve these goals. By combining configurable enclosure designs with Electronic Marshalling technology, Emerson is able to deliver standard hardware layouts in a range of sizes that requires minimal effort from the customer beyond the selection of the choice of options.

Advanced function blocks for analogue or digital voting, cause effect logic and sequential/state-based logic meet the needs of most safety applications with minimal configuration effort. Enhanced software tools can configure the SIS logic automatically from SIF design specifications, further reducing the engineering effort for the complete SIS solution. Testing can be completed from the comfort of the office, using cloud-based computing techniques.

Configuring the system hardware just comes down to three simple choices; the style of the enclosure, the size of the system, and the system interfaces required. This so-called Configure-to-order (CTO) concept offers standard solutions, but also allows for a degree of customisation to suit the customer’s needs.

Enclosures can be shipped without knowing the I/O signals. Characterisation Modules (CHARMs) can be added once the type of signal is known and can even be left until after the I/O signal wires have been terminated onto the Electronic Marshalling terminal blocks.

Pre-engineered solutions are beneficial for most safety applications on small to medium sized projects. Emerson’s standard CTO enclosure designs assist with projects of any size. Standard solutions are available for applications including emergency shutdown, burner management, fire and gas detection, high-integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS) and overfill protection. 

For more information go to: www3.emersonprocess.com/readysis

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