Non-Contact Switches Provide CAT.4 Safety for Multiple Machine Guards

21 April 2008

The CES-AR-C, from Euchner, allows monitoring of several safety guards at once. Up to 20 devices can be included in one switch chain.


The non-contact safety switch CES-AR-C is particularly suitable for systems in which a large number of safety guards need to be monitored. It can also be used as a compact individual switch.

The small housing accommodates a read head and an evaluation unit. When used in a switch chain, the individual switches are connected with each other by means of plug connectors. The end of the chain is connected to a safety relay or a safe PLC, for example.

The CES-AR-C features two safety outputs and pulsed signals for integrated short circuit monitoring. Two LEDs indicate the system status and facilitate diagnosis. The switch can be used for applications with the highest safety requirements up to safety category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1.

Because the CES-AR-C is designed on the basis of proven transponder technology it can provide protection against tampering, a large operating distance and resistance to dirt and vibration. The housing offers IP67 degree of protection and is therefore suitable for operation under severe conditions.

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