The new Promass P Coriolis flowmeter

02 April 2008

For the stringent requirements of the life sciences sector, the new Promass P Coriolis mass flowmeter is claimed to offer the optimum solution.

Promass P Cotiolis Flowmeter
Promass P Cotiolis Flowmeter

Offering the enhanced performance of a bent-tube meter with the drainability of a straight-tube meter, its single-tube sensor fully complies with the numerous industry-specific requirements, codes and standards such as ASME BPE, ISPE, FDA, EHEDG and 3-A.

The hygienic design of Promass P allows it to drain completely so that no fluids get trapped inside, making it ideal for use in skid mount applications. The fully welded hygienic design with no moving parts and no internal seals ensures maintenance-free operation, meaning no replacement of parts, no leakage due to seal deterioration and lower cost of ownership. In addition, the product surface finish is electropolished, guaranteeing Ra max =0.38µm surface finish, not only for the process connection but through the entire measuring tube for a clean, sterile and corrosion-resistant sensor. Indeed, Promass P addresses over 40 specific requirements of ASME BPE, guaranteeing a hygienic design for the bioprocessing, life science and cosmetic industries. And, with 3-A authorisation and EHEDG certification you can be assured hygiene standards are met.

The single measuring tube technology has no flow splitter so is suited for applications where minimal shear stress and careful handling of the product is necessary or in applications where low pressure loss is important. Easy to install, Promass P requires no inlet and outlet runs or flow profilers/conditioners.

Promass P has been designed to withstand the frequent temperature stresses associated with cleaning and sterilisation – with no ‘cool down’ period required, it provides instant measurement after CIP/SIP. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to +200°C, Promass P is resilient to temperature shocks, maintaining accuracy to 0.1% o.r. even during cleaning periods.

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