Powerful New Economical Space-saving Electric Lifting Cylinders

02 April 2008

Motion control technology specialist, Danaher Motion, is launching its new MA900 series of powerful, dynamic and compact electric lifting cylinders.

MA900 Series - Lifting Cylinders
MA900 Series - Lifting Cylinders

The cylinders are suitable for high-performance applications. The unique design - the nut is directly integrated into the servo motor - means that the cost of additional gearing and maintenance are avoided.

The MA900 Series electric lifting cylinders take up less space, the cylinders are easier to fit, and the dynamic response and precision of the movement increases as there is no additional backlash. Users can also benefit from a virtually unlimited lift, restricted only by the length of the screw and a low lubrication requirement.

Depending on the screw lead - users can choose from 10, 20 or 40 millimetres - the MA900 series offers a peak thrust of 65,000 Newtons and a peak speed of 240 centimetres per second. That makes them suitable for a wide variety of high-performance applications, including those in which pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders have conventionally been used. They are also ideal for applications with long travel paths. With a continuous torque of 55 Newton-metres, the continuous thrust of the new models is between 7,775 and 31,100 Newtons.

With a rotary absolute encoder to determine the position, positioning is accurate to 0.05 millimetres. Without the screw, the direct-drive cylinders measure just 28 x 23 x 57 centimetres. Special axle bearings offer protection against dust and water spray in accordance with protection standard IP65.

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