Sensonics bolsters Sentry

11 December 2006

Sensonics Ltd is set to boost its Sentry Overspeed Protection System by re-packaging it into a rack of 6 modules.

The new system, designed to deal with turbine overspeed problems and trip failures in the power generation industry, is claimed to maximise space due to its smaller size.

Re-packaged into a single 3 U Sentry rack of six modules, the new system incorporates 3 Sentry speed/overspeed monitor modules, a two out of three voting module trip defeat and half speed trip facilities and two power supply modules. Together these offer dual redundancy as one PSU can be swapped out if faulty, with a spare, while the system is still running from the other PSU.

Applications will be found in conjunction with main turbine boiler feed pumps, gas turbines, diesel engines and turbine driven compressors where systems failure of the proportional control loop can cause rapid speed increases resulting in machine damage.

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