Light curtain improves flexibility and workforce safety

23 August 2017

The new Allen-Bradley GuardShield 450L safety light curtain system from Rockwell Automation is said to offer a flexible solution to enhance workforce safety in an increasingly automated manufacturing environment, while improving productivity through the addition of transceiver technology.

Unlike traditional safety light curtains, which are based on pre-defined transmitter and receiver units, the addition of a transceiver with employs plug-in modules, establishes each unit’s function as a transmitter or receiver. Once powered up, the transceiver learns its functionality from the plug-in module.

This allows identical GuardShield 450L sticks to be customised to add the features required for different applications. Five-pin plug-ins are available for basic on/off functionality, while eight-pin plug-ins provide manual and auto restart with external device monitoring. 

The Light curtain system is suited to hand and finger detection, and are offered in a range of protective heights and is also equipped with an active protective field that senses the entire length of the transceiver. This reduces the inactive sensing areas that generally appear at the top and bottom of other light curtains.

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