CLPA will aid UK OEMs in Asia

04 February 2008

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is offering to support the UK’s OEMs who are operating in Asian markets by providing assistance with the integration of CC-Link network technologies into their systems.

CC-Link is the dominant networking technology in Asia, and is growing quickly across the rest of the world, with an installed base of over 4 million nodes. But CLPA recognises that many European OEMs will not yet be as familiar with or as confident around CC-Link as they are with other network options, and that this lack of familiarity may well be costing companies contracts in the East.

Steve Jones, general manager of CLPA-Europe said: ‘CC-Link is a networking technology that was developed in Japan, and has a dominance across Asia that no other network in any other region even comes close to matching. When we talk about CC-Link enjoying a market share in Japan, for example, of 45%, then it quickly becomes clear that OEMs who use CC-Link will have a natural advantage when it comes to doing business in Asia.’

He said he was confident in UK developed products and their ability to compete with anything developed in Asia, adding that integrating CC-Link would boost their competitive advantage.

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