New specifications for CIP Networks

03 April 2007

ODVA has published new editions of the specifications for the family of CIP Networks, which includes updates for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet, ControlNet and CIP Safety. These new editions represent the first publication update of these specifications in 2007, and they bring a range of enhancements to the specifications aimed at delivering increased ease of configuration for users.

The new editions include fourteen specification enhancements. Full reset while keeping communication settings allows for the reset of a device to the 'out-of-box' (or factory) defaults, except for the communication parameters, such as node number and data rate. Furthermore the connection configuration object has been enhanced to include support for connections up to 64k bytes, keeping pace with the fast growing popularity of EtherNet/IP and the need to support its 1500 byte Ethernet packet size and the 64K message size supported by the Internet Protocol (IP) fragmentation.

Finally, improved off-link browsing for DeviceNet, an option for an active node table, has been added for CIP routers, which makes it no longer necessary for the off-link browsing tool to have to wait for timeouts for node numbers that are not present on a remote DeviceNet network. Through the use of this option, the CIP router can know that certain nodes are not present, allowing it to immediately respond to the off-link request.

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