ABB Robots help Toblerone scale new heights of productivity

06 December 2007

Kraft Food Schweiz employs ABB robots to improve productivity as triangular chocolate candy goes bitesize.

ABB has supplied a custom-made robotic solution to Kraft Food Schweiz to help produce the new range of bite-size Toblerone One by One. The company claims it has reduced labour costs, capital costs and material waste. The introduction of the automatic production process will also improve product quality and levels of productivity at the factory in Bern, Switzerland.

The new range of bite-size pieces required the factory to undergo a number of changes. Before approaching ABB, Kraft recognised the need to introduce a robotics solution that would automatically feed chocolates to foil wrapped machines and collect and merge the packaged products for placement in pallet containers. Furthermore Kraft needed to maximise access for monitoring, cleaning, service and maintenance, accommodate a three-shift operation and provide a simple operating system to facilitate frequent changes in personnel.

The team at ABB quickly examined each stage of the production to determine what the robots would need to achieve and how. Their answer was to divide the process into several subtasks, to achieve a quick and efficient production line using ABB’s IRB 6600 and IRB 2400 robots.

The IRB 6600 robot, with a reach of more than three metres, transfers containers carrying trays filled with mini chocolate pieces to a separating station, where the trays are removed and placed on one of two conveyor belts. The robot gently removes the trays from beneath the chocolates so that they remain precisely and evenly spaced. This handling process ensures precision and prevents the product from being damaged as it passes down the production line.

The IRB 2400 robot transfers the chocolates onto the conveyor belt for individual foil wrapping, before merging on a central collection conveyor. Finally the chocolates are collected in a large container ready for distribution.

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