Cylinder cushioning adjustment made easy

03 July 2017

A cushioning adjustmenttool from Aventics ensures correct cushioning of pneumatic cylingers with a traffic light system. 

Optimal adjustment of cushioning is important for trouble-free operation, quiet running, and high cycle frequencies in systems.Traditional solution to correctly adjust the cushioning for pneumatic cylinders, have relied on experience and patience . The new CAT (Cushioning Adjustment Tool) diagnostic tool assists the installer with an LED display and visualisation in a smartphone app. 

Commenting on the solution, Abdelhakim Boulakhrif, a sensor expert at Aventics said: “Thanks to visual support with the LED traffic light system, even a child could correctly adjust the cushioning.” The tool clearly shows the installer which way the cushioning needs to be adjusted. A smartphone app also visualises the set cushioning characteristics and piston speed. 

The diagnostic tool is fixed to the cylinder. CAT detects if and how the cushioning setting must be changed by evaluating the position and speed of the piston using magnetic sensors. The device only measures 5.5 by 8.3 cm and can be removed once everything has been set correctly. An integrated battery, that can be recharged via a micro USB connection, supplies the power. The associated app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

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