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Digital ecosystem expanded with dual-mode wireless gateway

26 June 2017

Emerson has introduced a new dual-mode wireless gateway which supports both IEC 62951 WirelessHART and ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standards to its PlantWeb digital ecosystem. 

According to Bob Karschnia, vice president and general manager, wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions new dual-mode gateway offers ISA100.11a users an easy path to improved operating performance. 
Serving as the backbone of a wireless infrastructure, wireless gateways and access points increase the amount of real-time information available to automation systems, applications and analytics tools to help improve responsiveness and decision-making. Critically, they need to possess robust, ‘always-on’ security to limit network vulnerability. When deployed efficiently, they can require the least hardware necessary to keep costs low while keeping operating reliability high. Lastly, customers consistently seek ease-of-deployment as a key consideration.
A future release of Emerson’s dual-mode wireless gateway will be integrated into the Cisco 1552WU, a combined WirelessHART and WiFi solution for industrial hardened wireless, and will seamlessly integrate into Emerson’s security and network management tools, including Plantweb Insight applications for Industrial IoT, which help industrial facilities improve operations and maintenance by simplifying asset monitoring.

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