Adaptable wide beam industrial lighting solution

20 June 2017

WIL STANDARD is a new LED light from Weidmüller that is suited to use in a range of applications. The LED light incorporates three rows of LEDs (3 x 14 LEDs) arranged in a trapesium shape at 20° angles, allowing for an ultra-wide beam angle and a broad illuminated area. This design means users do not have to rotate the light to illuminate specific areas or even change the direction.

IP67 protection enables installation in a range of applications. The light is connected using an M12 plug-in connector. The operating voltage is 24 V DC with a maximum current of 430 mA. The very bright light has a light colour of 6500 K – roughly equivalent to daylight and therefore acceptable to the eye.

The flat construction of the light lends itself to a range of installation options either in the control cabinet or the field. In the control cabinet, it can either be fitted concealed behind a folded edge or simply on the side panel. Thanks to the fixing holes in the light, installation is simple and direct, with no need for any additional fitting materials. Spaced 225 mm apart and with a diameter of 6.5 mm, the fixing holes ensure simplified installation in conventional control cabinets. To make installation easier, the LED light has pre-assembled M12 connections with a 30-cm long prefabricated cable, so no individual cables or wires need to be connected. 

Thanks to the M12 plug-in connector, it can be cascaded with multiple lights connected in parallel. Because of the low current consumption, users also have the option of connecting the LED light directly to the 0.5-A standard output of a PLC. With a 2-A PLC output module, four lights can also be connected in parallel. 

With a height of just 8 mm, the light is very flush, and measures 240 mm in length and 40 mm in width. The illuminated area is completely encapsulated, making it suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Based on the industrial development approach, the new WIL does not require an air-sealed area, so there is no inspection glass which can break. This design makes the LED light extremely robust. It also emits very little heat, so coolants and lubricants do not overheat. 

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