Mobile Apps are transforming the factory environment

20 June 2017

According to Frost & Sullivan, the factory environment is set to witness a massive transformation with the advent of Industrial mobile applications (apps). Coupled with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), industrial mobile apps will create new business models and revenue streams aimed at enhancing connectivity, control, convergence and customer satisfaction, plus increase overall plant productivity, responsiveness, supply chain logistics and employee relations.

“Companies such as Cisco and Dassault Systèmes are offering industrial mobile apps to train field engineers globally via cloud-enabled video technology and do real-time troubleshooting. Rockwell and Honeywell also offer Industrial Ethernet and wi-fi-enabled devices to monitor and control plant assets and performance, and provide services to proactively respond to the kinetic needs of the customer,” said Sharmila Annaswamy, Industrial Automation & Process Control research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. 

Mobile app development for industrial purpose is expected to fuel the global ‘app economy’ and is set to achieve a double-digit growth rate by 2020. More than 80% of top management executives feel that mobile technologies will play a pivotal role in keeping organisations ahead of global competition.

Further key trends and developments identified include:

* Wearables such as smart watches, goggles, and headsets continue to accessorise the industrial handheld industry with gesture control and intelligent intimation techniques to enable safe, hands-free operations.

* Support from governments and strict safety regulations boost the industrial handheld market in developed economies such as the US, Europe, and Japan, sustained by a strong and diverse industrial customer base.

* Innovations in the network layer are expected to address building inherent data security and real-time information availability in switches, routers, and other access devices.

* While developed economies are witnessing new entrants in cyber security and information storage, emerging economies are expected to step into data analytics and visualisation tools to harness the IoT invasion.

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