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RIC10 10 Gigabit Ethernet cameras meet the need for speed

12 June 2017

High resolution and high frame rate cameras produce huge quantities of image data. The new RIC10 series of cameras from VRMagic utilise 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) with GigE Vision support. This provides one of the highest data transfer rates available for industrial vision - up to 1.25GB/sec over distances up to 100m. With an impressive choice of high resolution and high frame rate sensors, the RIC10 Series can be used in a huge range of demanding industrial applications with minimum disruptio

High performance is guaranteed in these new cameras, with a choice of the highly acclaimed Sony Pregius and CMOSIS global shutter CMOS sensors for outstanding image quality. Colour and monochrome sensors are available with resolutions of 12 MP, 8.9 MP, 5 MP, 4.2 MP and 2.2 MP and frame rates at full resolution of 64 fps, 88 fps, 144 fps, 180 fps and 338 fps respectively. These provide the flexibility to match the speed and resolution needed for highly demanding applications. These include:

• Wafer, panel or PCB inspection 
• Image analysis in sport
• Traffic-related applications
• 3D structured light projection

The RIC10 is also available with Imec hyperpectral sensors. Available in snapshot and line scan versions, these sensors filter image data into different spectral components. These can be used to reveal information about the chemical composition of the material being imaged. 

The RIC10 Series of cameras can achieve its stunning data transfer capabilities using standard CAT6A Ethernet cables and commercially available network components found in many industrial environments. This minimises installation costs, especially as no expensive frame grabbers are required. 

For installations still using Cat 5 cabling, the cameras can also operate with lower bandwidth infrastructures as they are fully compatible with the new 2.5G and 5G NBASE_T networks as well as standard Gigabit Ethernet. Reliability is guaranteed since 10 GbE data transmission detects and corrects bit errors to avoid data loss, while the packet resend capability in GigE Vision allows recovery of any lost frames.

The RIC10 Series is designed for easy integration into factory environments with industry-standard M12 connectors. The cameras feature a rugged IP65/67 aluminium housing offering a choice of mounting options and support C-Mount lenses with optional IP67 lens tube. Digital, opto-isolated I/Os are provided.

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