Time saving cable entry system

15 May 2017

Available from OEM Automatic, the KDSClick cable entry system consists of just three types of basic components – frames, inlays and sealing sleeves. Unlike conventional systems, where the frame needs to be opened to insert the sealing sleeve and then screwed shut, the devices CONTA-CLIP design employs a dimensionally stable solution with a one-piece lightweight frame made from fibre-glass reinforced plastic.

Inlays can be simply clicked into place to achieve the required size for the frame openings, which enables different frame configurations to be constructed to meet the requirements for different cabling requirements.

The range includes 82 different sealing sleeves available for guiding multiple cables through the frame openings. After the corresponding cable is sheathed, the sleeves can be inserted – from the inside of the electrical cabinet towards the outside – into the openings that are framed by the inlays.

The sealing sleeves have a conical taper so can be easily pressed into the frame openings/inlays. There, they reliably seal up the spaces around the cable. They also provide a secure strain relief mechanism for cables outside of the housing. The sealing sleeves can also be easily released to add or change the cabling. This offers cabling flexibility; the cabling can be changed without completely removing the frame. This system can optionally be extended using a locking frame inside of the electrical cabinet. The locking frame secures the sealing sleeves from within so that they cannot be tampered with.

The frame uses the same arrangement of mounting holes that are already standard for industrial connectors.

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