Outer rotor motor for pump and medical applications

10 May 2017

Allied Motion has introduced  a new outer rotor motor for pump and medical applications. The KinetiMax 42 EB is a member of the existing family of KinetiMax brushless outer rotor motors it is a bidirectional brushless DC motor with integrated drive and it features a robust bearing system capable of handling high side loads.

The compact 42 mm KinetiMax has a continuous output torque of 70 mNm and a 31W output at a constant speed of 4300 RPM and it promises a minimum operating life of 20,000 hours.

The integrated drive electronics have a speed set input to adjust the motor speed from 150 to 5000 RPM and it complies with relevant EMC standards. Standard protection features include IP54 level protection sealing, thermal overload protection with automatic recovery and reverse supply voltage protection.

At Just 54mm long, the KM42 motor is believed to be the shortest motor with electronics integrated in the housing on the market. It is also the lightest, weighing just 225 grams. The KM42 is also said to be most efficient motor in its class, with a maximum efficiency up to 80%. This is also including the efficiency of the internal motor electronics.

Because of the outer rotor concept of the motor, combined with the integrated driveit is well suited to use on small membrane and peristaltic pumps and in medical applications, where a long operating life is required. 

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