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05 May 2017

The PAM-199-P-ETC with integrated EtherCAT interface

With this new power amplifier, we have succeeded in developing an extremely compact and cost-effective solution with fieldbus interface. Thanks to the EtherCAT interface integrated in the processor (XMC 4000 family), the costs for the fieldbus have been significantly reduced so that this power amplifier is nearly at the same level as our digital standard power amplifiers.

The benefits for the user are the simpler wiring, the compact design (50 % space saving compared to previous modules), the easy integration into the fieldbus system, the simple commissioning and the considerable cost savings in the PLC (analog and digital IOs are no longer required). Furthermore, the parameters can be stored on the PLC and thus enable the modules to be exchanged without re-parameterization. This power amplifier is used for controlling one directional valve with two solenoids or up to two throttle valves with one solenoid each. It is used for the activation of a directional control valve with two solenoids or up to two throttle valves with a magnet. Various adjustable parameters allow an optimum adaptation to the respective valve. The technical and dynamic data exceed the data of our standard power amplifiers, which are based on new and more powerful electronic components. The output current is closed loop controlled and therefore independent of the power supply and the solenoid resistance. RAMP, MIN and MAX, DITHER (frequency and amplitude) and the PWM frequency are programmable. In addition, the valve characteristic can be linearized over 10 points. For example, linearization of pressure valves.

A version with ProfiNet interface is in preparation. Visit us at the Hanover Fair (Hall 20, Stand C24), where we have more information on the technology and availability.

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