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What impact will IIoT have on manufacturing?

19 April 2017

IIoT is changing the Industrial manufacturing competitive landscape and in order to stay competitive, industry the world over needs to understand the potential that IIoT holds, as well as the risks of moving too slowly. The IIoT provides significant transformation potential for industrial organisations, offering a means to increase the value they derive from modern IIoT open standards based automation technologies.

IIoT is often presented as a revolution that is changing the face of industry in a profound manner. In reality, it is an evolution that has its origins in technologies and functionalities developed by visionary automation suppliers more than 15 years ago. As the necessary global standards mature, it may well take another 15 years to realise the full potential of IIoT. The good news for end users and machine builders today is that they can leverage their existing investments in technology and people while taking advantage of new IIoT technologies. Introducing IIoT solutions alongside existing applications, as opposed to a “rip & replace” approach will enable greater business control, and will drive the evolution towards a smart manufacturing enterprise that is more efficient, safer, and sustainable.

IIoT is already having a significant impact on industrial performance in two primary areas: asset performance management and operator efficiency. Technologies, previously limited by the cost of connection or implementation, are enabling the gathering of asset information that supports maintenance programs and decision systems for manufacturing operations. That means that unnecessary “routine” maintenance can be avoided, as can the neglect of equipment that subsequently fails.

Additionally, IIoT presents a great opportunity to bridge the skills gap and augment today’s workforce by putting real-time status and diagnostic information at their fingertips. Smart devices can provide simpler, easier to use, richer information to the operator, and making the plant user-centric, not machine-centric.

As the deployment of IIoT technologies continues, we will see further deployment of Open Ethernet technologies across manufacturing and device level. The Operational Technology of the factory floor will become tightly integrated with the Information Technology of upstream business systems (IT meets OT). Architectures will become flattened, and with these new levels of agility, automation systems will be perfectly matched to industrial process topologies. This will simplify the application and operation of both. IIoT will also allow automation applications to be aligned fully to the process, independently of the automation hardware. 

Smart innovations to put you in control
With IIoT enabling greater efficiency, higher levels of productivity and improved ROI, a smart factory of the future is only possible if the products and systems that control them are smart and innovative. Schneider Electric offer the latest control solutions, which are packed with smart features that not only improve performance, reliability and efficiency, they also save space and reduce lifetime costs. To help you get started a suite of innovative products are available to help you make your very own ‘Smart factory’. 

Discover some of Schneider Electric’s range of smart products:

• Altivar Process ATV600 and ATV900 variable speed drives optimise business performance across both utility and industrial processes in a number of demanding segments including Mining, Metals and Minerals, Water, Waste Water, Oil & Gas and Food Beverage.

• Whatever environment our range of Industrial Enclosures are designed to meet the needs of any installation. Offering options for indoors and outdoors, security, harsh conditions and clean and hygenic. Available in a range of materials, types and sizes with a wide selection of compatible accessories.

• Available both standard and book formats the Modicon M221 logic controller requires minimal installation space while offering best-in-class performance and versatility.

• Easy to use and maintain Zelio RXG relays offers tool-free testing thanks to its single-step lockable test button.

• Phaseo fully electronic switch mode power supplies provide significantly improved performance in a compact form factor, and offer precise control with regulated output voltage.

• Magelis STO is our versatile, intuitive HMI which can be deployed in a wide range of machine applications as a standalone HMI or as a sub display on more complex machines.

Make your SmartMove in three simple steps:

1. Spend £250 (ex VAT) or more on these qualifying products at participating distributors between 1 Jan to 30 June 2017

2. Register your purchase at www.schneider-electric.co.uk/smartmoves 

3. You could win one of 100 online instant win prizes, including ATV320Cs, M241 Starter Packs, Biometric Switches and Wireless Sensors and Pushbutton starter kits

In addition, every time you register a qualifying purchase you will be entered into our prize draw to WIN an all-in-one Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Starter Pack, with training and consultancy to help you get started.

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