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New Gocator intelligent 3D line profilers measure down to micron levels

04 April 2017

The addition of the Gocator 2410 and Gocator 2420 to the LMI range of intelligent line profile sensors for 3D measurement brings industry-leading resolution capabilities. Featuring 2 megapixel sensors and a new embedded processor, the new models allow the measurement of micron level features at high speed over a large field of view.

The Gocator 2410 and Gocator 2410 operate at twice the speed of the Gocator 2300 Series, yet offer 50% larger fields of view compared to competitors. High precision measurements of small gaps and features are guaranteed with an industry-leading resolution of 6µm in the X direction with results repeatable to 0.2µm in height. 

Designed to meet the growing need for 3D inspection of high volumes of small parts at high speed in the consumer electronics and medical component industries, the new models feature a blue laser to create the line profiles for 3D measurement. This produces ‘cleaner’ data and highly reliable results even on shiny surfaces. This is crucial for electronics and small part feature recognition, especially for the inspection of materials such as glass and assemblies requiring glue. 

Precalibrated and completely self-contained, every Gocator 3D Smart Sensor is supplied with a built-in web-based browser user interface and powerful 3D measurement tools. This provides the flexibility to improve the quality and efficiency of factory production without the need for an external PC or additional software. The extensive measurement capabilities provided by these embedded vision systems allow decision making to take place inside the sensor with the results communicated directly to a factory, reducing costs and saving time.  

The lightweight Gocator 2410 and 2420 have a small footprint and are supplied in a revised IP67 industrial housing. This makes them easy to fit into tight spaces or mount on robotic arms or be used in applications where multiple sensors need to be linked together. A Gigabit Ethernet interface and PLC connectivity makes integration into a factory environment very straightforward, reducing installation costs.

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