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High-precision AUMA actuators for heating/cooling and metering applications

06 March 2017

AUMA’s compact electric actuator ranges offer fixed and variable speed options for precise, robust and reliable flow control for chemical, food, and other industries. Applications include fluid metering and demanding temperature control systems, for example preheating and cooling systems as well as low-temperature processes.

The fixed speed range comprises SBA linear actuators and ED/EQ part-turn actuators. Commands and setpoints are implemented by means of binary or analogue voltage or current signals. SBA linear actuators provide high positioning accuracy and are ideally suited for modulating applications. Covering a thrust range from 0.6 kN to 25 kN and a stroke range from 35 mm to 100 mm, they are often deployed in heating and cooling systems. ED/EQ part-turn actuators are the perfect choice when precise opening, closing or control are required for shut-off butterfly and ball valves or venting and flue gas dampers. They cover a torque range from 24 Nm to 600 Nm and swing angles from 90° to 180°.

AUMA’s variable speed Smart Range includes SDL/SDG linear actuators, SVC globe valve actuators and SGC part-turn actuators. All these actuators are equipped with variable-speed motors that provide soft starts and stops, ensuring gentle treatment and long life for all mechanical components. Variable-speed operating profiles, meanwhile, help to avoid critical pressure surges and cavitation. Parameter setting via software is another key feature, and both Modbus RTU and Profibus DP interfaces are available.

SDL/SDG linear actuators provide thrusts from 4 kN to 15 kN, with strokes from 55 mm to 300 mm. They work over a wide range of input voltages, so they are insensitive to voltage fluctuations. Thanks to their extremely low power requirements, the devices can easily be supplied by self-sufficient power systems such as solar PV. SVC globe valve actuators offer torques between 10 Nm and 100 Nm, with strokes from 60 mm to 70 mm. SGC part-turn actuators provide torques between 25 Nm and 1,000 Nm and swing angles between 82° and 98°.

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