Controllers for aircraft static and fatigue tests

04 January 2017

The Industrial Group of Moog has delivered aerospace test controller systems for use in the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation’s Structural Test Lab to run static and fatigue tests on its G500 and G600 business aircraft.

The control systems include software and controller hardware for applying and analysing wear and tear on an aircraft’s wings, fuselage, empennage and components such as flaps, elevators, and horizontal stabilisers. In the span of several years, Gulfstream can simulate the lifetime of the components while keeping the test specimen safe. 

Gulfstream has purchased several 500-channel aerospace test controllers from Moog which can be configured into multiple systems, for performing and analysing aircraft certification tests. 

During static testing, Gulfstream is using the test controller to apply 150% of the aircraft’s limit loads to meet a variety of FAA requirements. The fatigue tests put the aircraft’s design life on the test specimen before the aircraft enters service. 

“Our control loops make for more efficient testing,” said Jeff Townley, Moog senior application engineer. “After two or three years of testing, a test specimen will have one or two lifetimes on it. In several years, we can help a lab simulate 20 years of flying, and they know how well a design will hold up.”

The design of the controller is expandable to 500 channels.

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