Zetachem measures up

01 November 2006

Zetachem, South African chemical manufacturer, has invested in an on-line viscometer from Hydramotion Ltd to enhance feedback.

Hydramotion process viscometer monitors progress of polymerisation
Hydramotion process viscometer monitors progress of polymerisation

The manufacturer, suppliers of polymers and chemical management systems to water treatment, mining and pulp and paper industries, has installed the Hydramotion XL7 process viscometer at its plant in Durban.

Viscosity is an important control measure for determining the degree of polymerisation during polyamide production. Prior to the installation from York manufacturer, Hydramotion, Zetachem had to take individual samples of the reactor contents and determine viscosity in the lab.

Richard Winter, production manager at Zetachem, said: The vastly improved monitoring of this step allows us to control product consistency and throughput with a commensurate reduction in ‘off-spec’ production”.

Continuous viscosity monitoring has also led to a better understanding of the process and, in turn, has improved operator training and productivity. This is claimed to have reduced costs for the company.

Winter said he considered Hydramotion to offer the best chance of providing an accurate and robust ‘fit-and-forget bolt-onto-the-reactor solution’.
He added he was pleased with the after sales support offered and said: “On the one occasion when a bracket detached itself from inside one of our reactors and damaged the viscometer probe Hydramotion provided excellent, rapid and cost-effective service.”

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