Dunlop stamps out waste

01 November 2006

Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems has joined forces with Boge compressors and Direct Air and Pipework to cut air energy consumption almost 30 percent.

Bespoke zoning system eliminates leakage
Bespoke zoning system eliminates leakage

Following problems with the compressed air system at its Coventry site, the manufacturer contacted its current compressed air suppliers, Direct Air, for advice.

An audit of the current system, to pinpoint inefficiencies, was suggested. It was found that 20 percent of the annual cost was wasted in the constant generation of compressed air for all areas of the site.

A Boge SF series frequency controlled screw compressor, supported by two Boge S series fixed speed screw compressors were installed. The compressors work in accordance to the demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations.

With a bespoke zoning system installed leakage was eliminated. Zoning the compressed air system isolates the areas of the site at times when no compressed air is required.

Finally an energy management system meant Direct Air could continuously monitor the site and produce regular reports.

A post audit suggested a 29 percent drop in cost of compressed air energy and a 50 percent drop in air usage during low production periods.

John Hindmarsh, operations and development support manager at Dunlop Aerospace, said: “The most recent report revealed that we have already exceeded the original compressed air related energy saving targets. Our relationship with Direct Air is very good and the continuous energy management monitoring service is already proving to be invaluable.”

He added: “This system is now allowing Direct Air to identify further areas where additional reductions in compressed air related energy costs can be made.”

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