Cheese factory ups precision

01 February 2007

Aeron Valley Cheese claims to have enhanced cheese production by accurately regulating its process with a new weighing system.

The system was supplied to the Lampeter cheese manufacturer, by Applied Weighing, to replace the original weighing system that was unreliable and required constant monitoring.

Applied Weighing replaced the existing load cells and weight instrumentation in the block forming towers, where the cheese is cut, with a closed system in a feedback loop.

Each tower weighing system works in conjunction with an ‘Intelligent’ load cell junction box. These boxes allow monitoring of the load cell performance. Load cells were used with ‘Compact’ weighing assemblies. The three original weight indicators were replaced with a single weight controller, the Model 920i. The controller shows a graphic weight display for each tower and a single Profibus output was provided to communicate with the PLC.

A conveyer line runs alongside the three towers where a checkweigher checks the cheese coming out of the tower. With the upgraded weight controller it is now possible for the PLC to correct changes in weight by changing the cheese cutter setting in the tower.

The closed system is claimed to have allowed the company to get within 7g accuracy of the 25Kg in the towers.

Edward Evans, chief engineer at Aeron Valley Cheese, said: “Doing business with Applied Weighing has worked out extremely well for us. The system has helped us more than we could have hoped and their ongoing service and support has made the whole process run smoothly.”

He added: “Our confidence in Applied Weighing and their system has enabled our production team to manufacture an even greater quality of cheese and will continue to do so for many years to come. We will certainly invite them to tender for any further weighing systems we may need in the future.”

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