Process control in the cloud

09 November 2016

It will soon be possible to install and run APROL, B&Rs process control solutions, in the cloud. With data and reports generated by the process control system available anywhere in the world, geographically dispersed teams will be able to collaborate with greater efficiency.

APROL can be installed on virtual machines offered by any well-established cloud hosting company. A local APROL installation performs preprocessing and compression, so that only significant data is transmitted to the cloud database. This approach, which is based on the concepts of fog and edge computing, helps keep data transfer costs to a minimum. 

APROL supports the MQTT, AMQP and OPC UA protocols. An unlimited number of local APROL nodes can send data to the central cloud-based APROL installation. Reports from the business intelligence solutions in local and cloud-based APROL installations can be opened via a REST API.

The system architecture with local APROL nodes and one cloud installation ensures maximum plant security while at the same time making all of the systems analysis, reporting and business intelligence functions available via the cloud.

Centralised data management allows all information to be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Database content can be analysed using data mining tools offered by the cloud service provider.

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