Connectivity technology meets future Profinet Standard for 24V power supply

01 November 2016

PROFINET International (PI) recently announced that the L-coded variant, which is internationally standardised through the standard 61076-2-111, will become the future single standard for 24-volt PROFINET devices with round connectors. This is due to the compact design and the high current-carrying capacity (16A) at a conductor cross section of 1.5 mm². 

Belden has developed Lumberg Automation L-coded M12 Power Connectors as an economical solution for power transmission in harsh environments. For PROFINET devices in a TN-S system they can be connected via the fifth contact for the functional ground to a Common Bonding Network (CBN), a meshed grounding concept in accordance with DIN EN 50310. 

In the current PROFINET guideline ‘PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology,’ two round connectors with screw connections are specified for the 24-volt power supply in addition to a push-pull rectangular connector. This is an A-coded M12 connector for power class 1 to 4 A; the version with a 7/8in connection is for power class 2 to 16 A. 

“In the future PROFINET guideline, which is expected to be published in April 2017, these two variants will be replaced by the L-coded M12-Power Connectors,” said Uwe Widmann, responsible for standardisation and technology at Belden.

“This connection technology is more powerful and is almost 50% smaller than other comparable power connectors. This miniaturisation has also been applied to PROFINET devices, so future PROFINET networks can be built more flexibly and efficiently.”

The L-coded M12 Power Connectors are offered in both straight and angled versions, as well as moulded, for customer assembly or as an installation variant. They have an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and are available with protection classes IP65, IP67 or IP69K. 

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