BOC turns to Krohne

01 June 2007

A Crawley based manufacturer of vacuum equipment has chosen to use Krohne level radar meters in its range of dry vacuum pumps.

The BOC Edwards pumps are used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries to measure the volume of recovered carrier liquids, a process claimed to control production costs, improve product quality and safeguard equipment.

Krohne’s Optiflex meter provides a signal to the digital control system, which allows the vessel to be emptied when it reaches a predetermined level, preventing it from overflowing into the vacuum pump or system.

The pumps are installed in manufacturing plants and can be used in conjunction with a range of carrier chemicals. BOC said it chose Optiflex because it operated accurately and reliably across a broad range of different fluids.

A feature, called tank bottom following mode (TBF), means, rather than using a signal reflected from the material’s surface to provide level measurement, it detects a return signal emitted from the end of the measuring probe. Where materials have poor surface reflective properties the level radar is able to ‘see through’ the product to determine position of the end of the probe.

Through using the mode the instrument is claimed to be able to calculate the precise level of the material from the time taken to detect the signal emitted from the probe. Because the transit time of the pulse will depend on the dielectric constant of the material, where this is known and programmed into the Optiflex, the instrument is able to accurately calculate the surface level of virtually any material.

When set to automatic mode the Optiflex will switch from standard direct measurement mode to TBF mode, therefore always selecting the best mode of operation depending on the material conditions.

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