Seepex pumps in the pounds

01 June 2007

A major potato processor in the UK has installed a specially enlarged Seepex open hopper progressive cavity pump to mix and transport hot and viscous potato mash flake.

Seepex claims to have ensured efficient mixing and movement of potato waste with an installation that also allows the waste to be sold as animal feed.

The previous set-up relied on three screw conveyors and a drag chain conveyor. However, the conveyors required regular servicing which was a time consuming, expensive and messy operation. The Seepex engineered solution was to supply a specially enlarged, open hopper, progressive cavity pump from the T range group. This was modified to fit in and work with the existing equipment. The pump is mounted directly underneath the drum roller dehydration machine and accepts the hot potato mash.

In addition, to overcome pressure limitations of the 150mm diameter stainless steel pipework, a small second pump from the D range group was fitted to the discharge pipework of the large pump. By injecting a small amount of mains water into the product a boundary layer of lubrication is created. This reduces the differential pressure in the pipework from in excess of 15 bar to just 4 - 5 bar. Therefore the product travel 40 m to a new collection point, now located at the service road at the front of the main building, without hindrance. A major benefit is that the waste can now be profitably sold as animal feed and the road transport containers can collect the waste without interfering with the plants daily operations.

Increasingly Seepex is working with fruit and vegetable processors developing innovative progressive cavity pump solutions that bring real benefits such as improved efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

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