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All-in-one PLC automates beautiful fountain display, while saving the designers time and money

12 September 2016

Using Unitronics PLC+HMI all-in-one units, Song Seng Engineering and Services designs and builds visual entertainment and automated management systems. They create elaborate, changing fountains with carefully timed water jets and lighting patterns. Unitronics enables Song Seng to program these sequences and install the systems quickly, exceeding their customers’ expectations with excellent results.

One of the applications they create is fountain control systems. They install a control system to automate specific patterns and sequences in the water spray.  This automation includes turning the spray on and off at the right times and for specific durations, as well as maintaining the desired height of the water blast.  The control system also controls coordinated lighting, which changes color and turns on and off in time with the water jets.

Song Seng Engineering used a Vision1040 PLC with integrated 10.4-inch color, touchscreen HMI.    The PLC communicates to Unitronics I/O to control the water jets and lighting, while the large HMI panel made the application easy to run and to configure.  Song Seng Engineering used the Vision1040’s data table functionality to store the different water and light sequences, making it easy to select the correct pattern and change it as needed.

Rick Puah explains that Song Seng Engineering was very pleased with the results they were able to achieve with Unitronics.  He says, “using Unitronics software, it reduces programming time to meet the requirement of the fountain control sequence”.  Additionally, Unitronics expert support department was able to help resolve any questions that arose quickly and efficiently. Song Seng is able to deliver impeccable results to their customers in record time.

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