FieldComm Group and PI sign a cooperation agreement for FDI technology

30 August 2016

The completion of the FDI (Field Device Integration) technology gives us hard evidence of a targeted cooperation between a vareity of different organisations in industrial automation with the aim of providing users with operational technologies for their solutions. This includes the specification of FDI, EDDL, tools, and components to support efficient product development. 

After completion of work in the FDI Cooperation LLC, the establishment of FDI technology in the market is the next important step and key elements to promote the market penetration of FDI include the existence of tools and components. Another element is the joint establishment of testing, certification, and registration rules. To ensure these goals in the long-term, PI and FieldComm Group have signed a contract to continue their close and trustful cooperation to provide a common development, maintenance, and deployment on the market.

Karsten Schneider, PI chairman said: "The FDI project is a prime example of how users, manufacturers, and user organisations can trustfully and successfully communicate and cooperate. FDI will significantly simplify the integration task in process industries." 

Ted Masters, president and CEO of FieldComm Group, continued: “This ground-breaking body of work enables the immediate adoption of FDI Technology by the automation industry. We are excited with the response this technology has received by leading automation instrumentation and host system providers.” 

To support device manufacturers in integrating FDI in their devices, an across-protocol development tool (Integrated Development Environment, IDE) has been provided. It supports the efficient development, testing, and generation of FDI Device Packages, as well as a low-overhead pass-through of existing EDDs in an FDI Device Package. It enables device manufacturers to create FDI Device Packages for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Foundation Fieldbus, and HART devices using unified processes. Another important result for FDI is definition of architecture for FDI Host Components that allow a uniform treatment of Device Integration Packages in various FDI Hosts. The implementation of such a component that has been created in the context of our activities will serve host manufacturers as a reference while implementing FDI in their tools.

The IDE and the Host Component can be obtained from the PI website at:

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